Breckenridge Alpine Garden, Breckenridge
As you travel through Breckenridge, consider visiting the Breckenridge Alpine Gardens located on Adams Street at the Blue River across from the Riverwalk Center. Owned by the Town of Breckenridge, these beautiful gardens are supported by Summit County Garden Club. Dedicated members have planted the gardens and maintain them on a regular basis. The gardens include a “Plant Select” Demonstration Garden, a collaborative effort with Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State University and regional and national growers.  We report back to “Plant Select” on the growth and survival rate of these test plants in our harsh climate at 9,600’. Look up at the mountains, watch and listen to the river, and enjoy the flowers while you partake of a sack lunch in the middle of Breckenridge. It is a great spot!
In the beginning it was tough going, but the efforts of Club members have reaped rewards (see below). The Breckenridge Alpine Garden continues to be a ‘work in progress’!

Breckenridge Alpine Garden, Breckenridge

Breckenridge Alpine Garden, Breckenridge

The following is information about the "Plant Select" program taken from the web site,

"In recent decades, the Rocky Mountain region has become known for horticultural innovation. Rather than being an obstacle, our bright sun and crisp air are, in fact, a boon to growing plants from the high mountains and plateaus that make up so much of the world’s surface. An ever expanding list of native plants – Phlox, Eriogonum, Penstemon — has entered the world’s gardens, thanks to experimenters in our region. Yellow and purple hardy ice plants from South Africa and salvias and snow daisies from western Asia have gained popularity worldwide through the groundwork of Plant Select®.

Plant Select® is a cooperative program administered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University in concert with horticulturists and nurseries throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. The purpose of Plant Select® is to seek out, identify and distribute the best plants for landscapes and gardens from the intermountain region to the high plains.

Plants are chosen each year that thrive in the unique and variable conditions of Rocky Mountain gardens. These can be plants that have grown here for years and have not yet attained the popularity they deserve, known as recommended plants.Introductions represent taxa that are discovered by our cooperators, and are often superior forms or hybrids."

Community & Senior Center Garden, Community & Senior Center, 0151 Peak One Boulevard, Frisco
The Senior Garden, in front of the Senior and Community Center in Frisco, is maintained by Senior Center volunteers under the guidance of one of our members, Marie Roberts. It is a riot of joyous color during the summer and a great credit to the volunteers who tend it on a regular basis. Being in front of the Senior Center where we hold our registration, it is always featured on the SCGC Garden Tour.  
Note: If anyone would be interested in taking over responsibility for this garden, please contact the Summit County Garden Club.

Summit County Community & Senior Center, Frisco

Sue Cruth Memorial Garden, County Commons, Frisco
Named after a former CSU Extension Director, this memorial garden is maintained by Summit County’s Colorado Master Gardeners. The plants in it are almost exclusively provided by the Plant Select Program. As with the Breckenridge Alpine Garden, the garden is used as a testing ground for new plants and the Master Gardeners monitor and report on t heir progress ….or otherwise ….. in this mountain climate and at this altitude.

Sue Cruth Memerial Garden marker, Frisco

"Plant-Select" demonstration Garden at the Sue Cruth Memorial Garden, Frisco

Summit County Hospital Garden, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, Frisco
The hospital garden, the result of a grant from the Garden Club, is now in its third year.
One of our members, Joanne Masica was approached by the hospital prior to its opening to design a splash of color and provide some beauty at the main entrance.  The small flower garden continues to enhance the area close to the main door and provides a soothing approach for folks as they arrive at this destination.  The Garden Club solely supports this effort.


Post Office Garden, Main Street, Frisco
If you like waterfalls, take a look at the one between the Post Office and Main Street, Frisco. The vegetation is maturing, and an enticing spot is provided, though recent financial cut backs have meant that the garden has become a little scruffy. However, at the end of August the border of wildflowers was amazing.

Silvana's Community Gardens, Silverthorne
Located just south of the Silverthorne Community Center at 247 Rainbow Drive,  this  memorial community garden was created in 2009 for the benefit of Summit County residents. It is named after Silvana Del Piccolo who was a great gardener and member of the Club for many years. She contributed tremendous energy to the community.
The garden would not have been possible without the incredibly generous spirit of businesses and organizations within our mountain community, including the Garden Club. Greater interactions have been witnessed amongst gardeners of all ages, backgrounds and interests, and have been heartened and strengthened by the incredible volunteer energy. Educational classes for all ages are being conducted. As their web site tells us “— columbines, carrots and community growing together”.   See: 


Summit County 4-H Program for Children

For information about the Program, please contact the Manager, Kathie Kralik.
4-H Office: 970-668-4142.
Summit County 4-H Program

A garden club is run with the help of Phyllis Raynor, whose patience is much to be admired. The 4-H vegetables in Silvana's Community Garden are a huge success. See the raised gardens in the vegetable section of "Gardening in Summit County".

Following is a site recommended for children by who has been using our site. Thanks for the info, Sarah!

"Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!" -


We try to educate our members and the community about gardening in Summit County and provide a social setting for informational exchanges to share the beauty of gardening with others.

There's lots going on in our Club and room for many to be involved. It's surprising how much we accomplish in our short Summit summer