Summer 2020 Update #1    

Keystone Science School/Summit County Garden Club Project

With the common purpose of education and involvement in the local community, specifically education regarding local flora, the Summit County Garden Club provided $3000 in the summer of 2019 to the Keystone Science School to support the purchase of plants for a native plant garden in the area surrounding The Hub, the new administrative and educational building of the school. The garden was designed by Neils-Lunceford who also built the pathways that you see in the attached photos. 2Vs installed irrigation and provided spruce and aspen trees for the area. This summer (2020) the Summit County Garden Club will provide up to $1500 to add native plants and additional hardscape. Neils Lunceford will also donate plant materials. After seeing the garden and meeting with the operations manager of KSS and Neils Lunceford it was decided that the highest priority is to remove false chamomile, one type of grass and thistle while protecting the plants installed last summer and letting the grasses grow. Unfortunately false chamomile has a good start on the disturbed soil on the entire property so that is a high priority. If you would like to help with weeding or have native plant materials to donate, please contact Ferol Menzel at and we will work out a time to meet. ALSO if you know of a natural way to kill the false chamomile, please let Ferol know




Summer 2020 Keystone Science Center

Update #2


On Friday August 21 Neils Lunceford placed boulders; added one aspen tree and several current bushes and cleared space for native perennials to the Keystone Science School Garden. They also provided wildflower seeds.. I am pleased to report that the KSS staff worked hard to eliminate false camomile in the garden. Seeds will be spread at the first snow.

This project at the Keystone Science Center is financially supported by the Summit County Garden Club through proceeds from the annual garden tour.






The Summit County Garden Club has one fundraiser only, the “Garden Tour”, held in July each year. It is a wonderful event which provides residents and visitors with an opportunity to see what hard working and patient gardeners can create in our harsh mountain environment. The funds raised are fed back to worthy projects and recipients within our community. They include:





Our 2018 Interns:


Ruthie Boyd

Hi! My name is Ruthie Boyd. I am a Breckenridge native and an upcoming junior at Carleton College, a liberal arts college in Minnesota, where I am studying Sociology/Anthropology with an emphasis on Environmental Anthropology. This summer, I am very excited to work with HC3 to bring delicious veggies to our community and to learn more about how CSA brings our community together. I’m learning a lot about the gardening process and just how rewarding it is to garden in the high country, and I’m looking forward to a fun summer!



Kevin Reynolds  (bio coming)


Mikayla Weatherford  (bio coming)








































We try to educate our members and the community about gardening in Summit County and provide a social setting for informational exchanges to share the beauty of gardening with others.

There's lots going on in our Club and room for many to be involved. It's surprising how much we accomplish in our short Summit summer