You’ll know a weed when you try to dig it up. In search of nutrients and water, they have incredibly long and tough roots. A dandelion is a prime example!

Weeds which are non-native to Summit County and are considered to be invasive may be classified as noxious weeds. Summit County supports a Weed Management division which is active in the summer spraying noxious weeds along county roads. They have a terrific web site which shows weeds which are the focus of their attention. Scroll down to see photos of the plants and descriptions.  Booklets are available, too, from the Weed Management office at 0037 Peak One Drive, Frisco, CO 80443 where Lisa Taylor is the manager. She may be contacted at  or (970) 668-4218.

You will notice that the dandelion doesn’t make the list!

If you don’t pay attention to your weeds, then the Weed Management team will, and for a fee!

Another excellent website with images of weeds can be seen at:
Scroll down on this site and the photos will help you identify weeds.


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